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The Arc is the talent and career accelerator of Hirefoster by Zedi Africa that offers professionals in marketing, corporate and brand communications, social media, graphic design, content and copywriting,performance marketing,and other roles that have to do with customer acquisition, engagement and retention; access to training and experience that help them improve the knowledge and skills they need to be effective in their respective roles as global talents.

Our Goal

The Arc has one goal - to provide an ever-available pool of competent, trained-for-global relevance talents.

This means professionals take short courses and afterwards get matched with local and international organisations where they can intern, practise their learnings and accelerate their career.

Courses We Offer

Social Media Management

  • The Arc
  • 4 hours
  • NGN 100,000

Learn how attract your audience, build lasting connections, and leverage digital tools for online success.

This course takes you through digital marketing, content creation & strategy, social media management, analytics as well as the use of AI and technology for online marketing.

  • Introduction to effective of social media marketing
  • Mastery of social media marketing strategy
  • Compelling and engaging social media content creation.
  • Fundamentals of social media analytics.
  • Marketing effectiveness and media buying on social media.
  • Effective online community management techniques.
  • influencer marketing
  • Smart Chat GPT/AI use for social media marketing.

Marketing automation in the workplace

  • Caroline Wabara, WabDigital
  • 6 hours
  • NGN 150,000

The course provides in depth coverage on the fundamentals of marketing automation tools and how it can support businesses to be more time and cost effective, create more sales enablement and manage customer relationship building opportunities.

  • Lead generation
  • Segmentation
  • Lead nurturing and scoring
  • Relationship marketing
  • Cross-sell and upsell
  • Retention
  • Return on investment (ROI)
  • Account-based marketing

Ad Copy, storytelling & Content

  • Jesujoba Popoola, Noah's Ark
  • 3 hours
  • NGN 70,000

This course gives you a deep understanding of the power of words, stories and imagery to stir people’s emotions towards a buying decision or a brand connection. You will learn marketing principles to write effective copy and increase your understanding of the impact of marketing on sales and vice versa.

  • Fundamentals of Copywriting
  • Anatomy of an Ad
  • Creating compelling stories that fulfil communication objectives
  • The Buyer’s Mindset
  • The language of seduction: How to write persuasively. Acquiring a robust bank of words that enthral and engage, versus those that deter and disengage.
  • Above, below and through the line: crafting compelling copy for appropriate channels print ,web (social, email and website),TV and radio ads
  • Principles for communicating positioning through copy.
  • Copywriting best practices to content strategy for digital and traditional media.


  • Kathrine Igiezele, Toptal
  • 12 hours
  • NGN 200,000

This course will introduce you to the fundamentals of UX writing and concepts through learning UX content writing, you can boost both your hiring appeal and consideration for promotion.

  • Core principles of UX writing
  • Importance of clear and user-centred content in design.
  • Crafting concise and persuasive microcopy for user interfaces
  • UX Writing vs. Copywriting
  • Content creation that enhances the overall user experience, increasing user engagement.
  • Understanding tone and voice for different user interfaces and audiences
  • Overview of user personas
  • Crafting Compelling User Personas
  • Adapting UX writing for global audiences,
  • Principles of Inclusive and accessible content
  • Application of user testing to UX writing to evaluate the effectiveness and clarity of content.

Media Buying

  • Oluwaseun Olarewaju
  • 7 hours
  • NGN 150,000

The course provides in depth coverage on the fundamentals of performance marketing, digital and traditional advertising. Participants will learn smart strategies for marketing effectiveness that result in profitable return on advertising spend.

  • Meta ads (Facebook and Instagram)
  • ⁠LinkedIn ads
  • ⁠Twitter ads
  • ⁠Google Search
  • ⁠Google Display
  • Offline media strategy

Talent acquisition for non-code talents

  • Emmanuel Faith
  • 2 hours
  • NGN 80,000

Functions of a marketing comms & Media talent Marketing comms role categories The Anatomy of a marketing comms job ad

  • The 3 job ad hooks: The expectation, the perks and the call to action
  • Balancing management/talent expectations of the role.

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